Bromo Ijen Tour 2Days 1Night

Bromo Ijen Tour 2Days 1Night


Ijen Crater is Waiting for you, Join our next tour and feel the Moments!


You won’t believe that enjoying two superb places like Bromo and Ijen can take only two straight days and one night. You do not have to worry about your holiday length since this short tour to two magnificent places will take only two days.

From Bromo, we will shortly kick off to Ijen that takes 7-8 hours. You will not regret the long travel since you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery along the way to Ijen from Bromo. Around Ijen area, you will feel refreshed to enjoy the beauty of coffee and cocoa farming area. The temperature is perfect and comfortable.

After enjoying the beauty of Bromo, you will feel contented to enjoy Ijen Crater; in which the beauty of blue fire and acidic lake is offered. This short tour will be enough for you who want to only view the amazing turquoise lake in Ijen Crater.


You can safe your energy for other beauty in Java Island by taking this short tour. Though it takes only two days and one night, the amazement is unmatched. Enjoying two spectacular sites in two amazing places in Java will give more than treasured experience. Call us for the complete itinerary.