Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta

Bromo Ijen Tour From Yogyakarta Offer the Best Outdoor Tours


Bromo Ijen tour from Yogyakarta There are many countries in Central Asia and the Middle East that offer great holiday package with culture and ancient heritage highlights. The urban architecture and the local lives of those countries are amazing as well. In addition, it is also beautiful to visit those countries for the natural wonders. Many countries in East Asia offer culinary tours and city tours. The skyscrapers in the East Asian countries are no joke. However, there is a majestic country that offers humbleness and serene places as the highlight. This country has anything that tourists want to visit in Asia and Southeast Asia countries. It is Indonesia, a place with many unique destinations. One of the most tempting tour packages is.


Before Leaving for Bromo Volcano Tour


Tourists will be surprised how Yogyakarta tells them about the beauty of the past. It is a city of thousand temples. Besides, travelers will be able to see the trace of wonderful civilization in this city. In addition to Borobudur that has been listed as one of 7 wonders for many years, tourists can go Ratu Boko Temple. The place has a majestic look. The gate of the temple looks like the gate of an invisible palace. Besides, the royal atmosphere around Yogyakarta is still a wonderful attraction for international tourists. Not to mention the delicious culinary tours that tourists need to try.


Yogyakarta has many things that tourists cannot find in other countries. Even, in other cities in Indonesia, we can rarely find temples with the same beauty. In addition to the temples, Yogyakarta has the wonderful dance performance in Prambanan temple. After that, tourists can explore the outdoor Lava tour. This is not yet popular for the international visitors. But tourists have to hopping on the jeep and explore the prominent Merapi volcano.


After that, tourists can leave for Bromo in East Java. It will take approximately 7 hours by car from Yogyakarta to Malang. Tourists can take a rest on the way comfortably. Arriving in Bromo, tourists can get some rest in the hotels and enjoy some meals. After getting enough rest, travelers will be ready to explore this very place. Today, Bromo that is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has been listed in one of the ten most recommended tourist destinations in Indonesia.


Bromo volcano tour


Mount Bromo tour offers sunrise tour as the highlight. Besides, tourists can get pleasure and take many wonderful pictures when visiting the sea of Sand of Bromo Caldera. Besides, Bukit Cinta (literally translated as Love Hill) is ready to explore. After that, Kingkong hill, Batu Singa (the lion stone), Savana, The Teletubbies Hill, and many other spots are all awesome to visit. Travelers will love to also drop in the Luhur Poten Temple around Bromo. If the travelers have much time to spend here, Batok Mount tour can be included in the itinerary. Besides, it is also wonderful to see the landscape from B29 hill. It is the best spot to see all mountains around the National Park. The smoking volcanoes will leave the travelers in awe.


Mt Bromo sunrise tour will be the best outdoor experience for all travelers. In addition to the Bromo tour packages, travelers can explore waterfall nearby the venue. Coban Pelangi waterfall, Ngadas Village tour, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo, and even Semeru hiking are also parts of the itinerary.


And when all of those places are included, it will not be completed before visiting Ijen Volcano.Package in ijen 3 days 1 night is available for those who want to admire Ijen without Bromo Tours.Bromo Ijen tour and travel are available to serve tourists with the most convenient packages. Ijen tours are also wonderful. Tourists can visit many other wonderful venues in this tour.


Ijen has the unique sulfur chunk miners. Yet, tourists have to visit Kalibaru to explore the local live of Banyuwangi people. The cocoa and coffee plantations in this area are also stunning. In addition, tourists have to get on the ancient train and pass the old tunnel while enjoying the pretty forest in that village. It is a good tourist destination for those who love bicycling. The air is extraordinarily fresh.

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