Bromo Tour Travel

Bromo Tour Travel

In Indonesia, there are countless tourist destinations for all types of travelers. People who love to enjoy the luxury of a metropolitan city, Jakarta will be the best place to visit. Meanwhile, people who love beaches, unique cultures, and world class spa, Bali is the perfect destination. Next, travelers can go to Papua and visit Raja Ampat for exploring virgin beaches with spectacular islands and natural wonders. The underwater sports lovers can go to Bunaken to see the fabulous beauty of coral reefs. And people who love volcanoes, mountains, and outdoor trekking venue, Bromo in East Java is the perfect place to go to. Bromo tour travel is surely the best idea for spending both short and long holiday. Bromo midnight tour takes only 12 hours and it will be a good idea for a short holiday tour. Meanwhile, those who want to spend a week or so in East Java, Bromo and Ijen extended tours are the best idea.


Bromo sunrise tour Malang


Visiting Malang only for the sunrise tour will not be sufficient. Tourists can get a combined package for a more satisfying result. Malang and Batu Tours with all of the beautiful sights will make tourists want to stay longer in those two towns. Malang is a big city with a humble appearance. There is no skyscraper in Malang. The water and air are fresh. Besides, the streets are relatively comfortable with no traffic jam. Malang has wonderful natural beaches such as Sempu Island and Bale Kambang beach. However, there are now several new beaches in the southern parts of Malang.


Next, tourist can visit in Batu. This is a small town with wonderful tourist objects. There are many new modern museums in Batu. Museums for educational purposes and modern museums that are perfect for automotive lovers are here in Batu. The super star is Museum Angkut. It is a museum with the many automotive collections. It is the first museum of its kind in Indonesia. It has Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, and various agro tours. Tourists can visit apple garden and take the fruits directly from the tree; which is so much fun. Besides, Batu also has spots for air sport and rafting venue at the same time.


When the tourists have done with all of those amusements, Bromo volcano will be ready to explore. The sunrise in Bromo is unparalleled with many places in Indonesia, and even in the world. Bromo has received international recognition as a pretty natural wonder. From the View Point around the area, tourists will experience the most breathtaking sunrise among several majestic volcanoes in that National Park. The rate of that world class sunrise tour is started from 100 USD.


Mount Bromo Description


Located in the Bromo Tengger National Park, Bromo is the superstar of outdoor tourist destination not only in East Java but also Indonesia. It has the beauty of a volcano that is originally a dangerous place to visit. Bromo is an active volcano that erupts all the time. Therefore, tourists will usually need to use a mask so they do not suffer from any respiratory problem when visiting the month. The temperature is low and will drop during the dry season. Therefore, it is recommended that tourists are preparing warm attire to protect their bodies during their tour.

Bromoijen package tour also includes tours to some of the natural wonders around the volcano. The travelers need to book the package while the Kasada ceremony is held. It is a beautiful Tenggerese tradition to serve the Gods by sacrificing some of their harvest product. The ceremony is held with dance performance initially. Bromo java exotic with the Kasada attraction will teach tourists many values in life through Javanese and Tenggerese culture.


Surabaya mount bromo tour price is started from 100 USD. Tourists will be picked up from the airport with a comfortable minibus/car. The rate includes a professional driver who will make the travel smooth.


Bromo midnight tour from Surabaya price also includes the entrance tickets and other itinerary costs. The meals are not included in the rate. Tourists can now easily arrange the best tour package that they need through the online tour and travel agent. Besides, it is also possible to choose a custom package that fits their needs and budget.


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