You’ll never regret to join our java tour.


From Bali, you will be picked up by our professional tourist guide and your journey to Ijen will be the one that you’ll never regret. Spending some times in Bali will not be perfect before tasting the prettiness of Ijen Crater. Bali offers amazing beauty of beaches and sacred tradition.

The majestic temples and unique villages are all served in high class tours and services. Not to mention the delicious culinary with the unique ambiances. Bali is also always attractive in a special way. We can never forget the beautiful scenery, dances, the kindness of Balinese and of course the warm and loveable cultures.

However, getting some refreshment in Bali will not be enough. Bali is only several hours away from Banyuwangi, in which Ijen Crater charm is waiting for your visit. Pay a visit to this spectacular landscape and enjoy its famous blue fire. The amazing view of Ijen with its acidic lake is something that you will treasure forever.


Ijen owns a pleasant atmosphere where a superb nature wonders meet the hardworking miners. We will love how this volcanic acid site offers breathtaking view and lessons from the tough miners. Viewing sunset in Bali is like peeping through the window of heaven while catching sunrise in Ijen crater is an experience that worth all the beauty in the world.



Our car and driver pick you up directly from airport or your hotel surrounding Ubud, Sanur or Kuta area. It takes up to 3 hours to reach Gilimanuk port and 1 hour to go across Bali Strait on ferry boat to reach Ketapang port. It directly transfers you to hotels in Banyuwangi District to spend the night.

Hotels available are Ketapang Indah hotel, Ijen resort and villas, Ijen Clift, Mahkota Plengkung.


The tour starts at 5 A.M on Sunday morning. It takes 1 hour driving to reach Licin Village and heads to Mount Ijen slope. Plantation and rainforest landscape are spread out along the way up to the Ijen Crater. About 1.5 hours slope walking leads you to reach the peak of Ijen Crater. Ijen Crater shows a special type of volcanic feature, about 1 kilometer in diameter and 175 meters deep. So does the former slope walking, going down through the slope of Mount Ijen is required to get back. The car then transfers you back to Bali airport or hotel or Surabaya airport. Driving to Surabaya airport takes around 6 hours.

Note: Hotel and program itinerary choices are available for your convenience and preference