Join Open Trip Malang 2017

Open Trip  2017


Malang is one of the most pleasant cities to visit. Even for the local tourists, Malang is regarded as the best city with various destinations. When visiting Malang, tourists can visit some other places nearby. That is why it is a good idea to join Open trip Malang 2007. There will be unlimited enjoyments that tourists can experience right in Malang. There are many things to do and visit in Malang. People can simply enjoy the culinary and leave for Batu for experiencing the modern museums and agro tours. Besides, Malang is also a comfortable place to explore a hidden paradise in a place like Sempu Island.


Many tourists leave a positive impression when visiting Malang and Batu. The cities have advanced services in tourism. Visiting Batu will give tourists opportunities to enjoy high quality museums and amusement parks. The destinations in Batu are regarded as so good which are comparable with the parks and services in Singapore. For instance, the Batu Secret Zoo has the beautiful areas of cages and animal collections.


The areas are so vast, clean, comfortable, and attractive. It is not a zoo that is designed only for kids. Besides, the Eco Green Park tour will resemble the one that tourists can see in Singapore as well. For those who want to visit a garden and agro tour destinations, Batu is the perfect choice. It has the beautiful apple garden that is opened as an agro tourism service for both local and international tourists. People can see the vast area of apple plantation that has been managed since the colonialism era.


Open Trip Bromo


Open trip Batu Malang offers Bromo as one of the destinations. It provides various more attractions. This time, the outdoor spaces are the main destinations. Besides the sunrise tour in midnight tour Bromo, tourists can snap many beautiful pictures in the nearby tour venues. There are at least two places that are popular around Bromo. The first one is the sea of sand or Bromo’s caldera. To reach this place, travelers need to hop in the 4 WD and ready for the bumpy roads. It takes only several minutes to reach the venue. The second one is the savanna. It is often called as a Teletubbies hill. It will be a beautiful spot to take many group photos. The vast area of green savanna is something that gives travelers the thrill in their soul. Bromo is that beautiful even when tourists are not going up the summit. But, if travelers want to get the perfect view for it, they can go to B29 hill. It offers a spectacular landscape of smoking volcanoes with clouds half parts. Bromo and the surrounding area will look like a land above the clouds.


Bromo is also beautiful as the tourists visit some other destinations nearby. Pelangi waterfall is a stunning place to get pleasure. The waterfall often reflects the sunlight and produces a rainbow. That is super fantastic. In addition, Bromo java exotic also offers rafting tour. The travelerscan go through the river’s stream while the splashing water gives them excellent refreshment. Besides, Ngadas Village tour is another option to take. Indeed, the extended tours are impossible to include in a short trip. Travelers should thus allocate sufficient time for the amazing journey.


Mt Bromo Tour


Mt Bromo Tour is for everyone. Trekkers who have taken the Semeru trekking tours can visit Bromo to see the majestic volcano in the same national park. The trekking package is offered for those who are willing to reach the summit of Semeru; the highest volcano in Indonesia. Besides, Bromo ijen package tour is also available.


Mt bromo tour cheaps will be a special offer for the international tourists who admire the natural wonders of East Java. People can leave for the tour from Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Malang. If it is a package of Ijen tour, tourists can find it comfortable to start from Bali. The location of Ijen is just a cross away from Bali. Similarly to Bromo, Ijen tour also offers additional destinations. The most enchanting one is Sukamade beach. It is a beach with a superb view. It is a virgin beach that has not been explored a lot. Sukamade is also the home of sea turtles.

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