Indonesia tourist attractions

Traveling is taking a journey into yourself. Every travel carries with itself some relic of ever self-enriching self-acknowledging treasured treasures namely experience. For those with a great devotion to find new experience, traveling is a great way to satisfy the always seeking and exploring heart. A true traveler love to travel for the sake of traveling itself. For a true traveler, each minute of the whole trip, from the preparation, departure, arrival, and exploration is counted as gold. A true traveler will really enjoy every moment and will always cherish the journey as a rewarding form of introspection, acknowledgement, and enjoyment.

How would a true traveler create an ever cherished journey as a rewarding form of introspection? If visiting a popular most visited tourist destination will be too mainstream, having an unconventional guide for new kind of exploration and new places to try is worth to try. Java Island which is sited in Indonesia serves as the center of the whole nation. Interestingly, Java Island has many things to offer to the group of true travelers. If visiting famous places will be too mainstream and will not be able to create an ever memorable journey, an unconventional guide to Java Island provided by Java Travelline will lead every true traveler find his or her new challenges and new exploration trip.

New unexplored places which have exceptional natural heaven-like beauty can be found in the island. Sempu island which is surrounded by amazing forest , fantastic ring like coast, reef, and serene scenic beauty is one of such interesting place for an explorer and true traveler. To get to the island requires a whole endeavor of walking through the forest for around twenty four hour amazing trip. Yet, the whole exhaustion will be redeemed upon arriving as we stare at the night starry sky so clear above the ripple of the current wave.

sempu island-javatravelline

Suroloyo is another non-mainstream amazing place to visit. Located at the top of mountain makes the place as if surrounded by cloud, which create a sky atmosphere. Staring at the breaking morning sunshine will transfer new energy to every visitor and promise a better bright future ahead. These are some of Indonesia tourist attraction located in Java Island.

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