open trip malang 2017

The Reasons Why Open Trip Malang is a Great Offer

The Urban of Malang


Open trip Malang 2017 is now available. Malang is a wonderful town with a comfortable atmosphere. Despite the rapid improvements in the entertainment and tourist destinations, Malang seems to avoid a spotlight. There are no skyscrapers yet around Malang. The city has everything that people expect from a tourist destination. Shopping centers are available and while traditional markets are comfortable to visit.


Comfortable Transportations


Transportations are still a little conventional. Public transportations in Malang are available in several options. For a short distance, people need to take public cars. The cars are basically comfortable. However, it will take a longer time to take this option. Today, online transportation services are available in Malang. Therefore, the transportation problems are solved easily. For a long or medium distance, buses are available. What about the train? Tourists can reach Malang easily and comfortably by train from Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Banyuwangi, or Yogyakarta. To go anywhere around Java is also easy by trains. However, trains do not serve for short distances around Malang. It is also easy to access some tourist spots such as Bromo. Open trip Bromo can be reached from Malang in less than three hours.


Unlimited Tourist Attractions


Malang is a quiet town but there are many things to see in this city. It has the exotic beaches and the easy access to the highest point in East Java. Malang is where delicious cuisines are offered. Cheap hotel rooms and great natural wonders are all in Malang. Besides, Malang is close to Batu; in which modern museums and amusement parks are all inviting. Open Trip Batu Malang is also available for visiting all the wonderful spots in Malang and Batu.


Open Trip Malang 2017


August is a high season in Malang though the school holiday has over. August is a special month due to the Independence Day of Indonesia. That is why August is listed into high season for Malang tour. However, the main reason why August is a high season is that of the pleasant weather in Malang in this month. During dry seasons around April to September, Malang has a cold temperature. Yet, rainfall will not downpour and disturb the tours that travelers join.


Joining an open trip is a good idea. Bromo Java Exotic will make travelers feel the real Java essence. Java is not only a calm ethnic with wonderful dances and traditional costumes. Java is also an island rich in natural wonders and stunning legend. Mt Bromo Tour is the best destination for that amazing essence of exotic java. Bromo tour will get tourists to meet Tenggerese, an exotic native tribe of Bromo volcano. Tenggerese are humble and faithful to what they believe.


Besides the Bromo Tour, Bromo ijen package tour offers a more wonderful tour. Foreign tourists will love to take this package. This is so because the rate is relatively low for that double trip to two world-class mountains within one package. Travelers do not have to worry about the transportation and hotels. The price includes all of the amenities and entrance ticket as well.


Mt Bromo tour cheaps are the right choice for those who want to save in the travel. It is not only cheap but also a compact package to take. There are several choices of top tours in Indonesia. Some tours are in Bali, Papua, Flores, and other islands. In Java, Bromo is likely to the superstar. Yet, the superstar is not something to pay with a too expensive rate. Tourists can go to Bromo tour of the sunrise with 60 USD per person only. If it is for a double tour for Bromo and Ijen, the rate is slightly higher.


Bromo tour offers sunrise as the main attraction. Some tourists avoid the sunrise tour because of the crowd. However, they can still go to the peaceful caldera and savanna to snap some amazing pictures. After that, Ijen tour will show them the quietness of a magnificent volcano. Ijen tour is not as crowded as Bromo. However, Ijen is more popular internationally. With the Bromo and Ijen package, tourists will conquer two exotic places in East Java. They will learn the value of each destination while getting pleasure in the superb landscape in both places.

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