Some people may prefer to travel alone to find the true meaning of life, chase love, or merely to understand more about themselves. However, some people may say that traveling alone is a way too boring. They prefer going with a large group of people which may be the friends or family. These kinds of people who prefer spending holiday together usually love to share happiness and love to amuse others.

Planning a lone holiday is of course different from planning family holiday. In lone holiday, anybody can choose any kind of tourism destination based on his or her preference. This can range from challenging trip such as mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing, cross countryside exploration, mountain biking, wave surfing, and many more adrenaline inciting holiday plans.

However, if you prefer to go with the family, then everything will need to be chosen on the base of the whole members of family preference including kids. Kids can never have such a hard and tiring trip. Instead, it is better for them to choose a tourism destination which contains pedagogic aspect, sport activity, and informative. Zoo is one of the most favorite family tourism objects because a great zoo usually provides not only pedagogic aspect, but also sport activity and lots of information. At the zoo, all members of the family can learn to acknowledge various kinds of animals, try some playing grounds, and learn about the information of animal world. Besides Zoo, some play grounds with many games, shows, and playing zone are also worth to visit for family trip. Museum can be an interesting place for family trip. In museum kids can learn a lot of things and obtain information about many kinds of things.

Indonesia is a country which offers many kid friendly trip and kid friendly tourisms destination for any family wishing to have a remarkable Indonesia vacation as offered by Java Travelline. Indonesia has many popular zoo, playground, museum, and natural and Conservatory Park for a family visit which are all very kid friendly and thus, worth to try.

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