Many people may have heard about Bali, but fewer people acknowledge that Bali is located in Indonesia. If only they knew that the beauty of Indonesia is not just Bali. Indonesia is a highly wonderful country which possess more than seventeen thousands of island stretching from the tip of Sumatra through the end of Papua. These huge numbers of islands inundate Indonesia with so many undiscovered natural beauty of white sandy beaches, perfect coral reef, amazing wave for surfing, and also lines of thick mangroves by the coast.

Java Island is one of the most popular and most populous islands of Indonesia. Throughout the course of history, Java is well known as the center island from which the political power reign the whole country and economic potential grows rapidly to date. However, talking about Java is not a mere political or economic aspect which matter. Java also possess many natural scenic beauty, historical sites, and exotic Javanese culture which will mesmerize any visitors coming to enjoy the unique aspect of the island. Besides Bali, we can say that Java is a highly potential brand of world tourism destination.

If you plan your Indonesia Holidays 2015, you can explore the scenic beauty that Java Island offers by relying on what is recommended by a tour agent like Java Travelline. Many popular mountains in Java has attracted so many visitors such as Bromo with its exotic nature, culture, and tradition, Merapi which is highly famous for its activity, Semeru which offers endless beauty of many lakes, and still many more. If beach is your preference, Java has a lot to offer, ranging from the group of fantastic beaches in Gunung Kidul, the famous Parangtritis, and many more. Not to mention are the famous artistic temples such as Borobudur temple which used to be included in the world seven wonders, Prambanan temple, and many other temples located all around Java. Not to forget are the historical sites and traditional Javanese palaces which will make everyone amazed with highly valued culture and philosophy. Culinary is among most fancy from Java since the island has many delicious traditional culinary to try. Looking for the world destination tourism object? Why don’t you visit Java?

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