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Are you planning to visit Bromo this year? You do not need to actually prepare a lot of stuff. You have to only get ready and anticipate the beauty that you will experience. While visiting Bromo, you need to add Ijen in the itinerary. This will be an economical tour with combined destinations. Bromo Ijen tours are the right choices for those who love outdoor tours. How can the price be more economical when tourists take two tours at the same time? Bromo and Ijen are located at the same province. They are both in East Java. Therefore, it will be cheaper when tourists pick both places in their East Java tour. Bromo ijen tour price starts from 100 USD from Surabaya.


There are several factors that we have to deal with when doing a traveling preparation. When preparing for a holiday, we have to make sure that we will enjoy the weather. It is a main factor that determines our comfort during holiday. Therefore, it is so much important that travelers pick a city or country for their vacation destination with a comfortable weather. For many reasons, tropical countries are the best when it is for a comfortable weather. Tropical countries like Indonesia have a warm and pleasant weather throughout the year. This makes this country so much admirable in high and low seasons.


For Bromo and Ijen tours, August and December are the peak seasons. Yet, tourists do not have to wait for the months to visit the place. The weather is relatively stable in all months and seasons in Indonesia. Some tourists avoid rainy seasons. That is a good idea since the rainfall will be unpredictable. Yet, the rainfall will be different to the monsoon season. Yet, it is actually recommended to visit Bromo and Ijen during the dry season. This is so because the main attraction of the volcanoes is sunrise tour. The sunrise will not be visible during a cloudy day.


Ijen Bromo Tour and Travel


Ijen and Bromo Tour will be a great choice for people who love doing trekking. Both volcanoes are not the highest volcanoes. Therefore, the trekking path is not that hard. The beginners will be able to enjoy it. Even, those who are never been to a mountain will love the challenge. Even, both locations are not a bad destination for a family trip.


In Ijen, tourists need to get prepared with the low temperature. Warm attire is a must to visit Ijen. Besides, tourists have to be ready with the stinky sulfur gas. The smell is often so strong that the travelers have to avoid the spots which erupt the gas intensively. In addition, it is so much important that tourists are ready with their best health condition.


Bromoijen tour is basically a one package tour of volcano in East Java. However, the attractions are totally different. International tourists will love to take Bromoijen tour for the rare beauty and natural phenomena of both volcanoes. In Ijen, the phenomena of blue fire and acid lake are admired internationally. Despite the international recognition, Ijen never charges the tourists with too expensive rate. It is only 100 USD per person for exploring this amazing place.


Bromoijen transport takes approximately 7 hours. Backpackers usually take a bus to go from Malang to Ijen. However, if it is for a family trip or a group trip, to join a tour offered by a travel agent is a better idea. Even, some backpackers often prefer to rent a car or join an open trip. The journey is something that people will remember. However, the tourists have to be sure that they join a trip of a professional tour and travel agent. That way, they will feel convenient with the cars and services. Besides, an expert tour guide is needed for making the trip more flawless.


Mount bromo hiking tour is surely a good idea for this Year End tour plan. Mount bromo sunrise tour price list is available on the official websites of Bromo Ijen Tour and Travel. I will recommend an experienced service like JavaTravelline for a perfect tour to Bromo and Ijen Tour. The service has been in the industry for some years. The service will make the adventure to Bromo and Ijen simply unforgettable.

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