sukamade turtle beach


Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour

Day 1 (Ketapang harbor/Banyuwangi/Kalibaru – Meru Betiri National Park): The car picks you up at Ketapang harbor, Banyuwangi or Kalibaru either at railway station, airport or your hotel. The car will be changed with 4WD jeep due to the heavy road. The car drives through peaceful villages, plantations and a small jungle-tour to reach Meru Betiri National Park. It takes four to six hours driving on muddy and rocky roads, winding and steeping hill. The tour will be stopped by at Pantai Panjang beach to take short rest and enjoy the view. Further driving takes us to the gate of Meru Betiri National Park, and another 500 – 750 meters away will arrive at Rajekwesi, the village of fishermen. Lunch picnic box is handed over to you during the breathing space at Rajekwesi. You have an option to have another lunch menu from local food stall. The tour will be continued to reach Sukamade guest house and stopped by for a while at Teluk Damai. This is a bay where you can see nice blue green sea water on the southern ocean. The bay does not have white sandy shore, but it is covered by stones. Arriving at Sarongan village, you will experience back-to-nature trip with the background of biggest plantations of coffee, cocoa, and rubber. The plantation spreads through along the way to Sukamade. Dinner will be ready at Sukamade guest house where you will take a short rest. We suggest you to recharge the battery of your phone or your head lamp since the electricity will be available until 8 PM. To witness the green turtles lying their eggs requires you to stay up some more times until 11.30 PM in Sukamade beach, but please do not let your feeling down when you cannot see them. You are also allowed to visit the Turtle hatchery or Park Ranger Office, and it is the park ranger who searches turtle and gives you the sign to come out from your hideout. While sitting and waiting the sign, you are not allowed to smoke, turn on the flashlight, loud talking or making any loud noises. Back to guesthouse and spend the night will be in Sukamade guesthouse, which is the only accommodation available surrounding the beach. Hope you will be lucky to find the mother turtle and watch how they lay the eggs.

Day 2 (Sukamade – Kalibaru/Banyuwangi/Ketapang harbor): After having breakfast in the guesthouse, our guide will take you to Sukamade beach to bring baby turtle from turtle hatchery to the beach. You are allowed to release the baby turtle to Indian Ocean. For your information, the baby availability depends on the spawning season and ranger’s schedule. After watching closely to the baby turtle and experience releasing them to the shore, back to the guesthouse and pack your stuffs back to get into the 4WD jeep. It directly drives back to Banyuwangi district and transfers you to Kalibaru village, Banyuwangi or Ketapang harbor to pass across Bali Strait for your next destination in Bali Island.

Note: itinerary is subject to change based on your preference