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Introducing Bali Tour: Explore the Richness of Bali Culture

Bali Tour has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history and natural beauty. Bali is an Indonesian island located at the East of Java and West of Lombok covering a total area of 5,780 sq. km.  It is known for its forested volcanic mountains, beaches and historic temples. Denpasar is the provincial capital and is one of the most populous cities in Eastern Indonesia. Bali is the only Hindu province in Indonesia where 83.5% of the population follows Balinese Hinduism. Balinese and Indonesian are the most common local languages spoken but being a popular tourist destination, people are also well-versed with English.

Bali has a rich cultural heritage with its diverse art forms, paintings, dance forms such as pendet and kecak, festivals, and Balinese cuisines. Various art forms depict stories from Hindu mythology viz. Ramayana which is highly influenced by Balinese culture. As a part of Bali tour, you will get the opportunity to explore its culture and tradition in great depth. 


Bali tour package for family comprises of a variety of attractive places to visit. The temple tours to historic Hindu temples like Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple and Taman Ayun, is a must for the individuals seeking spiritual connectivity. Tanah Lot Temple, situated upon a black stone peninsula has a lot to offer in terms of incredible ocean views and fresh mountain air. You can end your first day of Bali Tour with an impressive view of the Indian Ocean at Uluwatu Temple. Here, you can sit back and enjoy the traditional Balinese dance at the sunset, the Kecak Fire Dance. It’s a dance performance based on the events occurred in Ramayana. Explore Taman Ayun Temple and its beautiful gardens. Built-in the year 1634 this temple is now a UNESCO world heritage. It is so beautiful that it was featured in the television program called Around the World in 80 Gardens.

A sacred water palace, Tirta Gangga, will mesmerize you with its huge pools of holy water, lustrous gardens adorned with beautiful carvings and statues and iconic paddy fields on the sides. You should also visit Monkey Forest in Ubud if you are fond of animals and nature. It is a sanctuary and a natural habitat of Balinese long-tailed monkey. As a part of Bali tour package, you can also visit the floating temple at Ulun Danu. Located on the shores Lake Bratan, it is the greatest Shaivite Temple in Bali. Here, you can witness the offerings made to river goddess Dewi Danu as the lake is considered sacred and is also a major source of irrigation for Central Bali.

You can end your Bali tour by getting acquainted with the local street markets. The Gianyar Night Market in Ubud gives you a chance to explore local culture and cuisine. In fact, it is termed a ‘hidden gem’ by the travelers due to its bustling life and easily available delicious cuisine. Do not wait and contact your travel agent and book your trip to Bali. Java Travelline is there for you to provide a personalized traveling experience at affordable prices.

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