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Introducing Java Tour : Discover the vast culture and spellbinding Nature of Java

Java island shares its borders with Indian Ocean, and the Java Sea, covering a total area of about 53,600 sq. kms. Often known as the economic hub of Indonesia, Java also known as the most populated island of Indonesia. Half of the nation’s population residing within the island, and majority of the people embraced Islam as their religion. The island is divided into 5 provinces, with Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Banten, Jakarta as the provincial capital. Javanese and Indonesian are the most common local languages spoken but many people are also well-versed with English. 

It is wise to start your Java Tour from East Java. Only an hour-long to cross from Bali, the province offers rich natural beauty to explore. The most iconic landmarks will be Semeru, Bromo, and Ijen Volcanoes, with each volcano offers different hiking/trekking experience from each other.  Bromo is often known for the mesmerizing sunrise and night sky, an amazing sight to refresh from the buzzing city life. Ijen offers another memorable experience with the mystical blue flames down the crater. Exploring East Java won’t be enough without a visit to Sukamade Turtle Conservation. Here, you get an opportunity to witness thousands of turtles that come to the shore to lay eggs every night in the mating season. After providing a donation to the conservation unit, you will get a chance to release the baby turtles back into the ocean.


java indonesia

java indonesia

The special region of Yogyakarta (also known as Jogjakarta or Jogja) is the central of arts and culture in Java. Being the  only Indonesian royal city rules by the monarchy, Yogyakarta traditional’s charm mesh well with the modern part of the city. A visit to the Royal Palace of Yogyakarta is definitely a must, since the palace is adorned with nature motifs and refined traditional Javanese architecture. Talk about the sacred architecture, Borobudur and Prambanan temples, are famous for their structural design and magnificence. Aside from the rich history and cultural heritage, Java Tour in Yogyakarta also has exquisite nature to experience. Jomblang cave is a must visit destination for adventure enthusiasts. Being a vertical cave, ancient forests reside underneath Jomblang and you would experience the ‘Light of Heaven’ after a 300m trek. Another iconic place to visit is Karimunjawa. Often known for the tropical paradise of Indonesia, the white sandy beaches and pristine blue waters will make you lose yourself in the beauty. 

You can end your Java Tour and Travel with a visit to Ujung Kulon National Park, which is a  part of UNESCO world heritage. You can trek through its lowland rainforests and perhaps get a glimpse of the Javan rhinoceros, an endangered species. Find yourself being spellbound as you canoeing through the Cigenter River, also known as the ‘Little Amazon’. The river water is green with a calm current and the shores are shrouded with mangroves. Your exploration with Java Tour won’t be complete without visiting Rakata Island and Anak Krakatau, which is also known as the Child of Krakatau. It is an active volcano situated in Sunda Strait. You can reach Krakatau from Banten via boat. Trekking to Rakata Island will provide you with an amazing view of Anak Krakatau and lava oozing out of it. The view is even better during night time. While roaming around Rakata Island, you can go for snorkeling as well. 


Java Travelline will provide you with an exciting opportunity to explore the best places with Java Tour Packages. Contact us and we will help you personalize your itinerary to worth for the journey.


East Java Tour :

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