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Introducing Sulawesi Tour: Mesmerizing Nature and Spiritual Beliefs

Sulawesi is the world’s eleventh-largest island situated in one of the four larger Sunda Islands in Indonesia. Known for its natural beauty, elegant coastlines and unique traditions, Sulawesi Island has become one of the popular eco-tourism spots in Indonesia. Covering an area of about 174,600 sq. km, the island is surrounded by the Philippines in the North, Flores in the South, Borneo to the West and Maluku in the East.  Sulawesi constitutes six provinces and Makassar and Manado are two important cities in the region located in the South-Western and Northern tip of the island respectively. Islam is the major religion followed by the inhabitants of Sulawesi, however, few pockets in Northern and Central Island has a heavy influence of Christianity. As a part of Sulawesi Tour, you will not only be exploring the rich natural heritage of the island but also the rich cultural diversities which includes festivals, ceremonies, intricately hand-weaved items made of cotton and silk and many other aspects of local rural life.

tana toraja

tana toraja

Sulawesi Tour Package includes various interesting activities including scuba diving, bird watching, fishing, boating, exploring the pristine beaches and nearby villages. Start your Sulawesi Tour by snorkelling around Bunaken Island, Labengki Island or Kadidiri Island. You will be mesmerised by sighting beautiful corals teeming with different forms of marine life. Next, you can head to Southern shore towards Bira Beach where you can undertake fishing, boat riding and simultaneously, learn about the traditional method of boat building and weaving. If you are fond of bird watching then you ought to be a part of Birding Tour, which is an important component of Sulawesi Tour. This includes visits to various national parks situated in Central and Northern part of the island such as Lore Lindu National Park, Tangkoko,  Tanjung Api National Park, Bogani Nani Wartabone and many more. You will get an opportunity to spot several endemic bird species including Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher, Knobbed Hornbill, the enigmatic Hylocitrea, Sulawesi Crested Mynas, Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail, Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfishers, Red-backed Thrush, and many more! Sulawesi indeed provides the richest ornithological experiences in the world and is a paradise for bird watchers. Among all other Sulawesi tourist attractions, a visit to Toraja Village is a must in order to learn about the unique burial tradition followed by the locals. The ethnic groups of Toraja Village are predominantly protestant Christians who consider the dead person as sick and offer them food, water, cigarettes, and with all other amenities required by the living person, until the funeral is scheduled. It usually takes years to save enough money for a respectable funeral and until then the dead body is preserved in formalin and with dried plants. The strange customs followed here will intrigue you for sure.  You can end the Sulawesi Tour by exploring various valleys such as Bada Valley and Mamasa Valley and get immersed in its serene ambience and beautiful surroundings. For those who are longing for a peaceful vacation in the mystical valleys and pristine beaches of Sulawesi should check out the Sulawesi Tour Package Itinerary without any delay.

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