Toraja Tour Package

Toraja Tour Package: 7 Unique Places for Your Sacred Journey

Toraja Tour Package Itineraries and Unique Features

Tana Toraja is the land of mythical culture and megalithic life. The place offers an exciting mixture of culture and nature wonders. People will be surprised that they will experience beautiful destinations for hiking and rafting. 

Sa’dan River rafting is surely one of the most stunning things to do while taking the Toraja tour package. The green mountains and highlands will make people feel like being in the most refreshing place in the world. Tana Toraja is also the place where people can sip the most delicious coffee in the world. Visiting Toraja will change people’s mind about Indonesia. Tourists will see a rich heritage can be that amazing as people can still stay in a luxurious hotel and resort while taking the wonderful cultural-based tour destinations. 

Toraja tour package offers countless tour destinations. The activities are perfect for a group tourist, private tourist, or those who go for a vacation in Toraja with families. Here are 710 most unique places you must add into your list when planning to take Makassar Toraja package tour itineraries.

1. Lemo

Toraja is popular mostly because of the unique funeral. Therefore, visiting Toraja will not be perfect without visiting the famous cliff funeral site. It is located 11 km to the south of the Capital Rantepao. On the cliff, there are 75 niches carved into the walls. Some of the niches are places for the corps. It is a traditional way for Torajans to bury the dead. Tau-tau statues made of wood are rowed at other niches. The wooden statues are dressed in colorful clothes for showing the dead nobles. The makers of the Tau-Tau live just a little upper from the cliff. 

2. Londa

Lemo is not the only site of a burial ground. We can also go to Londa to visit another traditional burial site. This place has two sites. The first one is a cliff with tombs while the second site has caves of corpses. Indeed, it is a creepy tourist destination. However, it will be challenging to enter the site with rented light. Or you can use your own smartphone torch to explore. 

3. Kambira

Toraja Tour Packages: Kambira Baby Grave
Toraja Tour Package: Kambira Baby Grave

Tana Toraja is this unique. As we go to Kambira, we will see a village in a forest, where babies are entombed in the wood; among trees. Torajans believed that when babies and infants are buried in the trees, their spirit will get back to the spirit world. The last baby buried at the site was dated 50 years ago. 

4. Bori Parinding

Makassar Toraja package tour is mostly for the megalithic funeral. Bori Parinding will be a perfect destination to witness such a different funeral experiences can also see the beautiful Tongkonan, the traditional houses on the way to the destination. It is a combination of a megalithic site and ceremonial ground. We can see more than 100 stone pillars or menhirs around the site. The pillar means a symbol of the achievement of the dead nobles. It is only 15 minutes outside the Rantepao. Tourists can visit it while reaching Ke’te Kesu since the locations are close to each other. It will be rewarding to go to the site since tourists can also see the beautiful Tongkonan, the traditional houses on the way to the destination.

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5. Ke’te Kesu’

Ke’te Kesu is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. It is a traditional village that offers genuine ambiance of an ancient culture. It is a famous attraction in Tana Toraja that is unmissable. The village is 3 centuries old and it is now included in UNESCO world heritage sites. 

To visit the village will bring people back in time. People will love to see six Tongkonan houses around the village. The Tongkonans are the place where Torajan nobles’ corpses are kept. The places were built for giving honors to the ancestors. The Tongkonan is so gorgeous with its saddleback roof. The house looks sturdy with a shape of buffalo horns. What is so gorgeous is that all buildings at the traditional village are decorated with colorful Torajan art. The geometric patterns in bright colors like red, yellow, black and white make the entire interior look so appealing. Besides the main Tongkonan, there are also 12 granaries where rice was once stored. 

6. Sillanan

Toraja Tour Package: Silanan Traditional village
Toraja Tour Package: Silanan Traditional village

Toraja tour package offers a series of traditional villages. Another wonderful village is Sillanan. This is a village where the original beauty of Toraja is offered. It is located in the isolated highlands. There are many traditional Tongkonans and granaries around the village. In front of the Tongkonans, we can see the horns of buffalos. They are the buffalos that were sacrificed in a funeral. Sillanan is a bit far from the city center of Rantepao. It is located 35 km south of the city. However, it will be worth the time since people are able to see the genuine village and culture at the same time. Tourists can try local foods and Torajan coffee. Also, they can see burial cliffs and unique megalithic monuments at the village. 

7. Gunung Sesean

Besides the beauty of its culture and megalithic life, Toraja is so beautiful with its natural landscape. For those who love hiking, the beautiful Sesean mount will be a good idea. The view is breathtaking and the air is so refreshing. People can start hiking in the afternoon and within an overnight, they will get to the peak. The valley, the green hills, and the villages are all picturesque.

Tana Toraja tour package will be a superb tour for those who love traveling and not only spending a holiday. This land is rich in experiences and fun moments. Toraja might not be the most popular tour destination in Indonesia. However, once people go to the place, they will know that this is a unique tour site that people should include on their bucket list. Visiting Tana Toraja is like visiting a part of our human civilization that had passed long ago. The culture of Toraja is so unique that even the funeral is attractive. It is awesome to visit the cliff cemetery and learn how the locals keep their beliefs and live their life the happiest. 

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