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Toraja Tour Invite You to Relish the Sacred Land of Toraja

Toraja Tour Sacred Experiences

Reaching Tana Toraja will be like being in a heaven after spending some times struggling for the journey. After an adventurous journey that will give us adrenaline for its interchanging views, we will be arrive at Toraja. The sight is changing from the stunning karst cliff to the spectacular mountains. The vast horizon at the seas will make us lost in time. Toraja tour is simply one of the best journeys with amazing memories. We might never know that Indonesia is this rich before leaving for Toraja. The views, the culture, and the people are all gorgeous to explore.

The Torajans are included in the indigenous Austronesian ethnic group. The people inhabit the region located in the mountainous areas of Sulawesi Selatan or South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Little did people know that Sulawesi owns that rich natural and cultural beauty. Indonesia is well-known for its tropical paradise in Bali and Lombok. However, when people want to see it deeper, the core soul of Indonesia is here in Toraja. Tourists will see a totally different side of Indonesia compared to that of available in Bali and Java island. The soul of Toraja is somewhat magical and sacred.

Toraja Tour

What is so special with Toraja Tour that tourists need to take this package next time they visit Indonesia? This is an amazing tour with hidden treasure. Besides the rich culture and traditions, Toraja is a place with myths and magic (read this). Torajans have been living with a high life value and mythical traditions for centuries or maybe ever since they built their civilization. Torajan has a very interesting history surrounding their natural landscape. History noted that Tana Toraja has been blessed with rich nature and great longevity. The land is so fertile that people can live in prosperity. The ancestral traditions are well-preserved and still practiced. The communal societies can thus live in a blessed atmosphere and peaceful nature.

Toraja Tour: Rambu Solo
Toraja Tour: Rambu Solo

Today, Torajans live in synchronize and harmonious life with Christianity. The idea of religion never burdens Torajans with too extreme changing. They still live in peace and wonderful way of life. The culture mixture and blends make Toraja even more special. Tourists will love to witness dramatic ceremonies that they will never see in any other place in the world. The family bond is super amazing. Meanwhile, the art is one thing that colors every single creation in the land. Not to mention the mouthwatering cuisine that people can try while spending some days in Tana Toraja. You will be surprised that Toraja is the only ethnic and land that is living megalithic culture in the ultra-modern world.

The stunning natural landscape of Toraja is enough to give people a great experience. But Toraja is a life changing destination for it will show a sacred culture to explore. The nature of Toraja casts a spell for ensnaring people to eternally memorize the land as a megalithic paradise in Indonesia. Toraja Tour is now available through the online tour agency. People can enjoy a group tour or a private trip that will bring them to the glorious culture of Toraja. Not only viewing the artificial cultural site but the real one. People will be shocked to witness such breathtaking beauty.

Toraja Tour with a Local Guide 

Toraja tour will be satisfying as we experience it with local guide. The guides understand the culture and know how to interact with the Torajans as well. They know the history deeply and are able to tell the beautiful stories with the guests. The guided tour will let tourists to embrace the serenity for changing the way they see their life. In a deep and serene place where tourists will go, the melody of serenity will remain in their heart.

It is so cool that Torajans reflect their beliefs though the way they live and the ways they color their life. The craftmanship and handcraft capabilities of Torajans are vivid at any places that tourists will visit. All elements are created with genuine ideas and intention. The community makes it possible to infuse the ancestor’s value inside almost all art work and hand craft. People can fall in love with the coffee. And don’t forget to see the hand-woven fabrics at the tour destination. The traditional craving will soon leave the tourists and make them ready to visit the traditional cemetery of Torajans.

Toraja tour with local guide recommendation

After finding the righ tour agency for our Toraja tour, we need to make sure that we have the list of beautiful places to visit in Toraja.

1. Kete Kesu Village

Toraja tour: Kete Kesu Village
Toraja tour: Kete Kesu Village

This tour destination is one of the most tempting in Toraja tour. This place is beautiful and unique. People will love to see the natural landscape in this place. The air is clean and unpolluted. People will get attracted naturally as they see beautiful place with traditional houses at the complex. The village is pure and so gorgeous. The Tongkonan: original house design of Torajans are well-preserved. Tongkonan house is famous as a place to keep the deaths temporarily before being buried in a traditional ceremony.

2. Ne’ Gandeng Museum

This museum was originally a real site of Ne’ Gandeng funeral. The site is so detail and beautiful because Torajans are so keen on keeping their traditions, especially when it is related to their ancestors. Therefore, the authority keeps the place as a museum.

3. Londa Tour

Another wonderful destination is Londa. It is an unmissable place in Toraja tour. It is a complex of cemetery on a giant cliff. Londa is wonderful for the location is surrounded by green mountains. The atmosphere is refreshing and people will love the mystical sensation around the place.

Toraja tour will surely invite you to relish the sacred land of Toraja. You will get amazed by the beautiful landscape, natural view, and of course the culture. People will fall for every single craft and carving and this land. Visit the place and experience a serenity as a new level of beauty.

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